The Evolution of Online Trading

Algorithmic Event Trading For The Individual Investor

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Many events have profound long and short term effects on your investments.

Most of these events are being placed into computer readable (a.k.a. machine readable) news feeds that you can use to take action. Economic Events, Earnings Reports, an Analyst Ratings Index for individual stocks, and End of Day Technical Indicators are the first categories available on AlgoFast. Take a look at the other event categories coming out soon.

  • Choose Indicators You Care About

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    AlgoFast brings event-trading to your fingertips. As the first platform to offer news-driven trading capabilities, AlgoFast levels the playing field between individual and professional trade execution. Allow AlgoFast to monitor your strategies at all hours of the day and ensure that your investments take advantage of event-driven opportunities. Whether away from your computer or glued to the screens, your porftolio will be working to carefully capitalize upon market moving events.

  • Create Your Own Strategy

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    When you create a strategy in AlgoFast, you select the condition or indicator that would trigger a trade, fill out the price quantity and contract details, and watch the logic window fill out a plain English sentence explaining my strategy. From there you chose how long to run the strategy, activate it, and now I can focus on other things instead of watching the market all day.

  • Monitor and Review Your Strategies

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    AlgoFast uses reliable news sources that put tradable information into a form that's easy for a computer to read and react on. None of our news content can be easily hacked with a simple password like Twitter or Facebook. We use structured data from news providers such as Nasdaq and Thomson Reuters who use advanced technology and security protocols to take data directly from government agencies (The Department of Labor, SEC, etc...). They organize and tag the data with unique IDs before sending it to an AlgoFast matching engine. If a news feed comes in matching the unique ID tag of a strategy that you've created with the conditions you've specified, the strategy will be triggered and the order will be sent to the market with the price quantity and contract you've chosen. We will soon be adding a validation feature to combine algorithmic execution with human validation. When your rules are met, you will receive a text, email, or mobile alert where you can confirm or deny the order going to the market.

Algo Trading In Plain English

By creating a strategy in plain English, the average investor has the ability to do things once thought possible only by computer programmers and financial engineers.

Low Cost

For a limited time, we're offering Free End Of Day Indicators. Cloud technology has afforded us the opportunity to bring event trading to the retail investor without the need for expensive servers at every exchange and every news source.


"Change is the only constant in life." There will always be changes affecting your investments, day and night. Your event risk is always there even when your broker goes on break.